Now it is time to capture you in the part of life you will forever remember. I don't know how my adults I hear say they wish they could go back to High School. 

Spend a few minutes getting to know me, and see if we are the perfect fit! It will make your session so much better!

Finishing High School is not the end of the road, it is just the begining...

Typically, Senior sessions are booked the summer before your Senior year starts.  However, it is really up to you when you book them.  I have had Seniors want to wait to the Fall to enjoy the Fall foliage and cooler weather.  Some seniors prefer to wait to Spring to enjoy the pretty Spring flowers or taking a dip in the river.  There is no perfect time, it is really personal preference. 

What time of day should you have your session? I highly recommend waiting to later in the evening to shoot your session.  Two-hours prior to sunset is the best time.  You will get some nice glowy golden imagines. 


When is the perfect time to book my Senior Portrait sessions? 

I aim to provide a relaxing and fun session. I will help you along the way to plan your session. We will also work together to make sure your portraits should reflect where you are in life at this very moment. We will celebrate your accomplishments and try to include your hobbies into your session.

Why did I choose to focus on seniors? There is just something about working with seniors, that is just so fun. I enjoy getting to hear the stories of your hard work and your future plans. My life has taken many different turns of where I thought I would be, and I hope to share my wisdom with you. 
Heck I am still in your shoes, as I am currently working on my Master's Degree.   

About M. Cave Photography

About the Business... M. Cave Photography was established August 2013.  The photobug was always in me. I was known as the family photography.  After shooting a wedding with a friend, I couldn't believe how much fun it was to capture someone's memories.  The business expanded quickly and took me all across Virginia capturing weddings, families, seniors, and children.  

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Gave birth to my second daughter, Ally


Gave birth to my first daughter, Taylor


Got Married to my husband, Mark


Graduated High School.

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