Who to bring with you to your session?

August 4, 2020

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I often get asked who should I bring on my session with me? It is sometimes comforting to bring someone you love along with you.  It is also handy for another pair of eyes to be there to catch little things like a necklace turned the wrong way.

The first person I would suggest bringing is a Mom or sibling.  They are usually the closest one to you to know what you don’t like, or if your hair isn’t laying the way it should be.

If a member of your family isn’t able to come.  Grab your best friend.  The one that can access your Pinterest board and make few inside jokes to get you to give a big genuine smile!

What I don’t suggest is bringing more than a couple of people with you.  I prefer you really stick to one or two people max.  You do not want them to become a distraction or them to take over your session.

I have had sessions, where the senior has brought no one.  I will admit it is probably my most favorite option of them all.  It allows all the attention to be on you.  Whoever you bring, may end up getting put to work by me. They maybe asked to hold reflectors or take behind the scene photos.  They will also be helping you change outfits.  And if your session guest wants to mosey off while your in front of the camera, that is okay too.  I’ve had Moms go sit in the car and wait, so the senior didn’t feel pressured.

I hope this gives you some helpful insight and helps you decide if and who is coming with you.  I look forward to meeting you both!


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