It’s ok not to hire me…

I know that a strange blog title. Of course, I want you to BOOK me.  I want to CAPTURE you special moments that you will look back on and cherish..  I want to be the one who takes that image that years later, still takes your breathe away or makes you chuckle when you think back to that day.

However, as much as I want to be your photographer, there are some INSANELY talented photographers out there.  I have learned over the past 6 years, to let go of envy when I see those photographers capture you.  What I have learned, to let those beautiful images I see other captured, to be an inspiration and push me to become a better photographer.

What I ask of you as a client, do you research oh us.  Ask questions likes how long does it take to get my images back, how many weddings have you shoot, are you insured, etc.  You get the idea! It is ok to ask questions and get the answers you want.  The goal of asking questions, is making sure we are the right match for each other. Think of it like speed dating!  If we are right match, your session will be enjoyable and fun.  And you getting the most out of your investment.

On a side note.. Over the last few months, I have open my circle to get to know these amazing photographers.  We talk shop and cheer each other on.   I love watching these ladies strive to grow and becoming more & more talented.



June 8, 2019

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